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Caring for the Elderly in the Age of Coronavirus


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Lisa Dillman handled my elderly mother’s affairs in what turned out to be Mom’s last two years of life. Lisa’s diligence and good advice ensured that Mom had sufficient funds to pay for her needs and that we were prepared for any contingency. Lisa established a trust with Mom; advised us to rent her house to bring in much-needed income; helped Mom secure veterans’ benefits to which she was entitled as the widow of a WWII veteran; and prepared power-of-attorney and other pertinent documents – all of which eased my mother’s life and has made it much easier for me to take care of things since her death. All of this – including responding to my frequent phone calls and emails – came for one set fee that we paid up front. Lisa and her staff – all of whom are friendly, readily accessible and thorough – earned every penny. I highly recommend her.