Probate Litigation

Many people believe that probate is simply a formality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Probate disputes can arise for a number of reasons. For example, outside parties might try to grab a portion of the family estate for themselves, or family members might disagree about how estate assets “were supposed to” have been distributed. Challenges to a will or trust are more common than most people think, and in cases where there was no will, the possibility for disputes over the distribution of assets is even greater. These disputes often turn ugly very quickly. They have the potential to tear a family apart and can lead to catastrophic financial consequences for some, or all, family members.

At Dillman Law Group, we help families embroiled in probate disputes, will contests, and other asset distribution problems. We work closely with families to resolve conflicts through mediation. Nevertheless, we understand that mediation is not always possible. We are prepared to take a dispute to trial, and our attorneys are experienced, battle-tested litigators. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation.