Applegate & Dillman Elder Law Mediation Center


Applegate & Dillman Elder Law Mediation Center in Zionsville offers a comfortable, quiet setting for families to manage life transitions with the help of a trained professional.

Often families have a history or dynamic of conflict when it comes to decision making – that’s where mediation can help.

At Applegate & Dillman Elder Law Mediation Center, families can discuss difficult issues with a neutral facilitator.



What is Mediation?


Mediation is a holistic, decision-making process that ensures each person is heard.  The mediation center provides a safe space to address disagreements, brainstorm new and creative solutions and shape outcomes that consider everyone’s needs and align best for the elder.

The center’s registered mediators are trained and experienced in resolving elder and adult family disputes.  They are available to help with disagreements including:


  • Disputes among adult siblings
  • Financial decisions
  • Residence decisions
  • Competency and capacity issues
  • Selling of property
  • Medical treatment decisions
  • Guardianship issues
  • Administration of estates and trusts
  • Will and trust contests

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Our Mediators


RN, JD, Registered Mediator

Lisa Dillman, Elder Law Attorney

JD, Registered Mediator

JD, Registered Mediator

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