posted by Lisa Dillman

Today was a VERY exciting day for me in my practice! I had the honor of being retained by a surviving spouse of a WWII veteran who served in the Pacific theater and was a flame thrower. The picture shows General MacArthur pinning a Bronze Star my client’s husband. She pointed out to me that her husband was so very thin in the photo, explaining that it was taken just after he had been in the jungle for months eating insects and searching endlessly for clean water to survive. My client is 92 years old and is just starting to need care and we are helping her get the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension to help her pay for that care. In our appointment yesterday, she showed me more photos and told stories about her husband, how they met and about his service. It was a great time — days like this don’t feel like work!


John Cox receiving the Bronze Star from General MacArthur