I.                   What is POST?

POST = Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment

Converts treatment preferences into immediately actionable medical orders

Preferences to have or decline treatments

Transfers across treatment settings with patient

Recognizable, standardized form


I.                   POST Form

Is completed based on a conversation between the patient or surrogate and the physician.

The focus is on goals of care, not specific medical interventions.

The physician reviews and signs it in order to execute it.

It is suggested that it be printed on hot pink paper for providers to distinguish it.


II.                Who can have POST?

Must have one (or more) of the following conditions:

An advanced chronic progressive illness

An advanced chronic progressive frailty (Note: Frailty is a medical diagnosis)

A terminal condition

Unlikely to benefit from CPR

Would the patient’s physician be surprised if the patient died within the next 12 months?


III.             Who fills out the POST form?


Requires physician signature to execute the order

Physician must provide license number, address, and phone number

Form must be signed by the patient or their legally authorized representative


IV.             What if patient lacks capacity?

A POST form can be filled out based on a conversation with:

An appointed health care representative;

An individual’s attorney in fact with authority to consent to or refuse health care for the individual;

A legally appointed guardian (includes parents of minor)

Decisions must be based on prior known wishes or best interest of patient


Download the Indiana Post Form – Click Here