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Enlightened Transitions is a podcast presented by Applegate & Dillman Elder Law. On the show, Applegate & Dillman Elder Law invites guests of all types to discuss how to make transitions easier for those who find themselves caring for someone in transition or are experiencing a transition themselves. You can expect to hear discussions about Veterans Benefits, Medicaid Planning, Medicare changes, new products and services and much more! We hope you will join us weekly to learn together! 

Featured: Medicare Changes and Benefits Info

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Dave Holder

Dave Holder

Applegate & Dillman Elder Law’s Anna Lakin created Enlightened Transitions to help educate families on aging and the resources available to those families. Anna has a passion for education and collaboration. Because of Dave’s dedication to collaboration it was a natural move to invite Dave to co-host the show. Dave owns and operates Assisted Living Locators; a free service to families to help get placed into a community that best fits their needs. Join Anna and Dave each week to interview industry professionals as to the services they provide. “This is not a legal podcast. I just want to learn about how I can help families transition gracefully in a stressfull time. This is not a snooze fest! I want to learn and just hope someone else wants to learn alongside me!” – Anna Lakin, Host of Enlightened Transitions.