We told you that a big announcement would be coming in September and here it is! Applegate & Dillman Elder Law is excited to announce the launch of our Elder Law Mediation Center in Zionsville.


The center offers a comfortable, quiet setting for families to manage life transitions with the help of trusted, trained professionals. We have three registered mediators on staff, all with extensive experience in resolving elder and adult family disputes. They are Managing Attorneys Lisa Dillman and Carol Applegate; and our newest attorney, Laurel Gilchrist.


Why Launch the Mediation Center?


We saw an overwhelming need for a safe space in which families can work through disputes that arise when navigating elder care and financial issues rather than putting everyone through a long, expensive courtroom battle. The Mediation Center is the perfect solution and is available to our attorneys, Hoosier families and the entire Central Indiana legal community.


The Mediation Center provides a calming environment to address elder law disagreements; brainstorm new and creative solutions; and shape outcomes that consider everyone’s needs and align best for the elder.

The Mediation Center offers:

  • A less painful process than going to court.
  • The most cost-effective way of resolving disputes.
  • A better outcome for everyone.


Demand for the center is expected to be high since Baby Boomers are aging and court systems are stressed due to past COVID-19 shutdowns and current precautions. The center will provide another alternative to resolve issues.


What kind of issues can be addressed?


The center will help with a wide variety of disagreements that arise as someone gets older or passes away. They include:

  • Disputes among adult siblings
  • Financial decisions
  • Residence decisions
  • Competency and capacity issues
  • Selling of property
  • Medical treatment decisions
  • Guardianship issues
  • Administration of estates and trusts
  • Will and Trust contests


One of the exciting things about the Mediation Center is that other attorneys can utilize the space and our mediators. Elder Law mediation is not that common in Central Indiana, so we are providing a service that will benefit the entire community. Our goal is to take the stress off families and reach a relatively quick, equitable resolution.


Want to learn more about the Center? Contact Applegate and Dillman’s Elder Law Mediation Center today!