Taylor Bilbrey

Taylor collaborates with all Applegate & Dillman Elder Law staff, clients, and prospective clients to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Taylor’s willingness to try anything and her adaptability make her an asset to Applegate & Dillman. She has an incredible work ethic and many innovative ideas.    Taylor was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana. She was raised in a family of girls. Being one of four sisters, and the baby, Taylor is known for being the observant one. Recently Taylor married her partner in crime and her very best friend, Christopher. Together they have one, three-year-old, son named Logan. In her free time, you may find Taylor reading a sci-fi novel or sketching out her latest idea. Next time you talk to Taylor be sure and ask her what she has created recently!

Taylor’s Client Service Motto:  “Everyday I set out to do my best. I want people to feel like they can always count on me to help them out.”