Lisa’s Personal Story

0210_dillman_Lisa HS 400If you haven’t had a chance to meet our family at Dillman Law Group yet, I thought it would be helpful for you to understand how the firm got started and why we ended up with Elder Law as our focus.

You see, I didn’t set out to become an elder lawyer.  In fact, when I graduated from law school in 1995, I had never even heard of an Elder Law Attorney.  I struck out to be a trial attorney so I could be in the courtroom.  But as life takes twists and turns, my path was cast when I got a phone call early one Wednesday morning that my grandmother had suffered a massive stroke and would likely not be able to come home again.  Instantly, memories of all of the beautiful holiday parties, birthday dinners and sleep overs in her home came flooding back to me with sadness.  Those memories had to be preserved – along with the life that my grandparents had built.

Over the following weeks, we cheered grandma on while re-learning how to swallow and put words together again.  I watched my mother and aunt worry and struggle over the myriad of decisions that needed to be made each day and quickly.  My grandmother is a very private woman – private about her finances, her legal matters and her wishes in the event something happened to her.  Consequently, her daughters were working hard to do the right thing, but not really knowing where to start.

The day the first nursing home bill came, I thought my mother and aunt had seen a ghost.  They set about figuring up how much time they had before the money was gone – and it wasn’t going to be very long.   So, I  rolled up my sleeves and applied my legal experience to researching and understanding the long term care system, benefits available to help pay for that care and the legal planning necessary to save my family from financial and emotional destruction.  Years later, my grandmother is still living in a long term care facility getting the care that she needs, which she never could have afforded without a good plan in place.

Since then, unfortunately I have had similar cases with four other family members and two in-laws.  It is through this intimate and personal journey with my own family that I learned my craft and am thankful each and every time I am able to help someone else’s grandma or father-in-law or uncle.

At Dillman Law Group, not only are we securing care for a senior in need, but we are bringing peace and emotional stability to the families who love them.  There is nothing more meaningful that I would want to do with my education and talents with which I have been blessed.


Lisa Dillman